Katie Young

Lutheran, Director, Pro-Life Advocate

My Pro-Life Stance and Work

Any society that attempts to turn humanity into an exclusive club cannot call itself loving, accepting, or tolerant.

Yet that's exactly what I find on the pro-choice side of the abortion debate. I find people who believe that status as a member of the human family is something to be earned or achieved rather than something inherent in each of us from the moment our existence begins

If we as humans can set a threshold that must be met before we will consider a living human to be a person, we could exclude any human or group of humans from the human rights that ought to be, to quote Thomas Jefferson, "inalienable."

Thus, I believe a just society must respect the human rights of all humans, both born and preborn. When a woman makes a decision regarding her pregnancy, hers is not the only body affected by her choice. The living human in her womb is, in fact, a human, with rights of his or her own. Thus, she should not be able to choose to kill that human with impunity, any more than she should be able to do the same for a toddler. Neither should a doctor or any other medical professional be allowed to intentionally destroy a living human in the womb and not face legal consequences as though he or she had destroyed someone already born.

A compassionate society must also extend a hand of support to those women who find themselves in difficult pregnancy situations, especially unexpected and unplanned pregnancies. We should be there to support both mother and child, ensuring that both feel safe, loved, and wanted.

In the case of a pregnancy in which the mother's life is in danger due to medical complications, a good doctor should recognize that he or she has two patients in need of care. Unfortunately, there are cases where treatment for the mother can indirectly cause harm or death for the preborn child. However, the doctor should never seek to directly and intentionally kill the child. The focus should at all times be on a goal of saving both lives and keeping both patients in good health. The goal should never be to kill.  

Verbal and written arguments for the protection of the preborn are good and helpful, but they are weak if unsupported by actions. Since 2013 I have volunteered as a sidewalk counselor. I stand in the public-right-of-way (where my presence and speech are protected by the First Amendment) in front of abortion facilities and offer help and information to women on their way into the clinic.

For abortion clients, I offer information about the development of their child, the abortion procedure, alternatives to abortion, and local charities and non-profits who would love to support them throughout and after their pregnancy. For non-abortion clients, I carry information about risks and alternatives to popular forms of birth control, STD exposure, the shady side of the abortion industry, and alternative places where they can receive free services such as well-woman exams, STD testing, pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, information on birth control alternatives, and post-abortion counseling. If you're pregnant and need help, visit this website to find a pregnancy care center near you.

I also try to speak to the employees of the abortion facility. I am interested in hearing what they have to say about their work and abortion. I am interested in developing a relationship with them despite our competitive roles. I also would love to offer them information about And Then There Were None, a non-profit organization that supports abortion facility workers who choose to leave the abortion industry by offering financial assistance, connections to new job opportunities, spiritual guidance and counseling, and legal help if necessary.

My Pro-Life Resume


 Sidewalk Counselor: July 2013 — Present

I regularly sidewalk counsel, usually at least once (often twice or more) per week, at a local abortion clinic, offering resources to abortion-minded women and praying for an end to abortion. Training received at Central Texas Coalition for Life.

Campaign Co-Coordinator, 40 Days for Life, Orange County, CA: September 2013 — April 2014

I helped coordinate the Fall 2013 and the Spring 2014 campaign for 40 Days for Life — Orange County. I have managed the Facebook group, assisted in organizing events, and recruited participants.

President, Every Life Matters, Irvine, CA: September 2013 — May 2014

In September of 2013 I founded and became president of Every Life Matters, the Pro-Life Student Club at Concordia University - Irvine. Since that time we have had speakers such as Casey Tesauro from Students for Life and C.J. Williams from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, and have participated in service projects benefiting local crisis pregnancy centers and maternity shelters.

Missionary for Life, Students for Life of America: Summer 2014

I spent 9 weeks as an intern with Students for Life of America. The internship included 3 rotations, one at SFLA Headquarters, one at the Susan B. Anthony List, and a third at Carenet Pregnancy Center in Manassas, VA. Duties included research, writing interview talking points, formatting and updating spreadsheets with donor and employee information, processing mail, handling phone donations, and assisting with the rallies for the McCullen v. Coakley and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby cases. 


Concordia University Irvine — B.A., Psychology Major, Theatre Minor
Graduated December 2014

Central Texas Coalition For Life — Sidewalk Counselor Training July 2013


Communications: public speaking, writing, sidewalk counseling, apologetics.

Arts: Acting, directing, photography.  

References available upon request.