Katie Young

Lutheran, Director, Pro-Life Advocate

Katie Young - Director

I have always loved the performing arts. I dabbled in acting in high school, but in 2011 I found that the director's chair is where I can truly shine. Below you'll find the films I've directed and the ones I'm working on. I love films of all genres and lengths, and I have recently taken an interest in commercial directing.

I'm always looking for new projects, so if you're a producer and you'd like to work with me please click here to contact me directly.

My Films

I own KAYfilms Productions, a production company operating in both Austin, Texas and Irvine, California. You can find more information about all the projects I've worked on and the ones I'm currently involved with on the KAYfilms website.

Short Films:

Deadly Notes (2011)

The Zombie Apocalypse Gone Wrong (2013)

The Process (post-production)

 Feature Films:

Sacrifice (post-production)